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5 Digital Marketing Trends for 2022

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

If you want to stay afloat among the fierce competition and show potential clients and customers that your business is the one that's going to solve their problems, then you better stay updated on the 5 digital marketing trends in 2022.

If you don't, your competitors will, so read on!

#1 Video marketing still going strong

While video marketing is nothing new, its importance is steadily increasing. HubSpot research showed that if you want the user's full attention, video is the way to go, as people usually skim through other types of media.

Another research showed that 84% of the audited consumers said they were convinced to buy a product after watching a video.

While video content does take a lot of time to create, it has one massive benefit as it's reusable. You can create one long tutorial video and put it on your YouTube channel, Facebook, and LinkedIn page. Then, you can cut it into short highlight videos and share those as Instagram stories, YouTube shorts, or even use them on TikTok. You can even create ads from a longer video.

So even though video content does require a bigger investment initially (especially timewise), you will be able to recycle it several times. And, if you put it on YouTube, it will keep bringing back traffic to your channel as long as it stays relevant, which is something you shouldn't ignore.

#2 B2B micro-influencers are growing

The times when influencer marketing was only reserved for the biggest fitness brands selling fat-burning supplements to Instagram models are long gone, thankfully. While consumer-oriented influencers still exist, the rise of LinkedIn introduced the B2B world to influencer marketing.

Finding (micro) influencers on LinkedIn will help you reach potential customers higher up the "chain of command." If you can find real small business owners that are willing to show how your app or services helped their business grow, be sure that will have a massive impact on their connections, too, be sure to consider influencer marketing this year.

#3 Social media organic reach continues to fade

While LinkedIn still has a decent organic reach for native content, as the platform grows, it will become harder and harder to get your brand in front of more eyes just through regular posts.

As for Facebook – it's catastrophic. Instagram can get eyes on your posts, but you will have a hard time standing out unless you are willing to boost them often.

Newer social media websites such as TikTok are still doing quite well, but unless you have a younger audience and are willing to post super-frequently, you will hardly have a chance there.

Therefore, relying on social media organic traffic to be the focus of your marketing efforts can often backfire. Without ads and "boosted" posts, you will hardly plow through the flood of content and stand out. This is a trend that is likely to continue in the future too. But that doesn't mean you should ditch social media, no. It only means that you should keep your focus on more effective tactics and make each of your posts more impactful and more interactive.

As we said, native content still works and using native video, or even streaming live can still get you results.

#4 People will care even more about privacy

While many argue that Facebook switched to Meta due to another scandal, the fact is that the privacy bar is increasing, which is a trend that is likely to continue. It's your job to adjust to the new circumstances and make sure you are not breaching any rights of your customers or people who visit your site.

The challenge is to have a customer-centric digital marketing strategy that will protect the rights of customers it targets while still being effective. This will not only be optional, as even Google announced they will ban tracking cookies in 2023. Apple, Mozilla, and Microsoft already prevent third-party tracking cookies. It already has a significant impact on the marketing and sales industry.

#5 Intent-driven SEO content will dominate

It's incredible how search engine optimization still is one of the best digital marketing tools, even though it is one of the oldest. That's because it's constantly evolving with search algorithms themselves, which are continually adjusting to the ever-changing needs of internet users.

Algorithms are smart now and fooling them by including meaningless keywords across your articles no longer works. You need to fully understand what the person wanted when they entered the search query. Only if you can give them the best possible answer, you can hope to end up on the first page of search results.

While this is anything but easy, there is some good news too – if you write quality, expert-level content, you will sometimes rank for queries you didn't intend for. This is possible even if you didn't optimize for the keyword you rank for, as the smart algorithm can recognise what your article is talking about.

Bottom line

As you saw, some trends aren't new, as they were already introduced in 2021 or before. That means you should continue doing good work if you are already using those tactics. But, keeping your ears to the ground is essential in marketing, and implementing a new tactic before your competitors might be all you need to get ahead.

However, staying on top of trends and tweaking your marketing campaign while you have a business to run is anything but easy. But that's why Definite Marketing exists!

We will take care of your digital marketing presence by implementing the best and latest tactics. We will streamline your brand presence across the web, ensuring your name gets noticed and recognised wherever it appears.

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